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Rooney, Earl and Partners | Markham, ON

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ABOUT Sandler Training in Markham

Focused on helping individuals and organizations accelerate their sales growth and build a sustainable sales organization. 

Dedicated to your success

The Challenges We Help Fix

  • How to close more business in a shorter time with less pressure on you and your prospect.
  • How to resist the pressure to discount your prices.
  • How to differentiate yourself from the competition.
  • How to prospect for new business without having to resort to cold calls.
  • How to sell more to your existing account base.
  • How to avoid doing proposals that end up being "shopped around" and effectively provide your prospect with "free consulting". 
  • How to integrate your sales and marketing activities so that your customer hears "one message". 
  • How to recruit, train, motivate and manage a superior sales force.

Sandler Training in Markham

Tim Rooney, B. Soc.Sc, MBA. – President & Owner

Prior to taking the successful leap into the entrepreneurial world, Tim was President and CEO of a number of international high-growth companies. This included working on three continents as President of Polygram. Before that he was CEO of a Canadian construction start-up that became the North American leader in market share, profits and sales. His career also saw him in the role of Group Managing Director of a $100 million, multi-brand division of Cadbury Schweppes. Tim's early work experience included two years as a social worker in Africa.

Why Salespeople Fail

After reading “Why Salespeople Fail,” your view of selling will never be the same. Get your copy today.

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why salespeople fail